Attorneys invited to be a Charter Member of The Legal Ambassadors must be an attorney in good standing in their state.  Any lawyers with any disciplinary action against them may either be rejected, or removed at any time and any monies paid will be refunded in full.

The Legal Ambassadors encourages members to enhance their custom profile, and create it to be as comprehensive as possible, as it will increase the speed in which it ranks well on Google for name searches.  We recommend including certain honors or awards by member attorneys, or any specific achievement in trial results.  Also any certifications as a state bar recognized specialist in a particular practice area, or admission to prestigious trial lawyer groups, colleges or academies, or published materials not only set that member apart from other lawyers, but is also helpful for rankings. 

The Legal Ambassadors will include most areas of law, including but not exclusive to Business, Family, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, Labor & Employment, and others.  Members may request that additional areas be listed specifically for their practice, and will be added upon their request. 

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